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Author Topic: Interesting items in ACG
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Post Interesting items in ACG
on: November 18, 2014, 12:09

So less than two hours from opening the PDF and I've already found things to abuse in it. Shame about Dust Knuckles not being PFS legal though, my ninja would have loved that, but it does look like there could be a few things that seem completely impractical but are too fun to ignore. This is what stood out to me, any ideas about how they might actually be useful or if there are any other interesting things that I missed would be appreciated.

Braille Bracelet - Really the idea of spending time coming up with codes for this seems like it would bog down a game. Seems nice for situations where you have a character scouting ahead for the party and message isn't available. Indicate how many enemies there are on the bracelet then toss it over to the party. Sometimes low tech, low magic solutions are nice.

Roperunner - Slide down ropes at a speed of 60 feet per round. Won't come it handy often but seems like the sort of thing that characters will appreciate having around when it is useful.

Sugar Glass Bottle - I have yet to be in a situation where it would be useful to feign fighting a party member or anyone really. Still the idea of smashing a fake bottle over someone's head makes me want to get this for my ninja.

Travelling Bee Hive - A mobile source of fresh honey seems like a fun fluff item. At 10 lbs in weight I doubt it can easily be thrown and a five foot radius of blindness and DC 12 fort save to avoid a turn of sickness seems pretty weak to me (though maybe not since there are no rules on when it disperses). Still I think my monk/witch/fighter will probably end up getting this and at some point will try to weaponize it. I have some thoughts on how she can do this without getting caught in the cloud but this still feels like a situation that I will end up regretting despite being really motivated to try it. Poor bees.

Vomit Capsule - I can't think of a valid application to sickening oneself for a turn to feign illness but once again this will probably end up appearing in my ninja's inventory.

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