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Author Topic: Ultimate Campaign, Retraining, and Deities
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Post Ultimate Campaign, Retraining, and Deities
on: January 3, 2014, 21:55

I am currently retraining a Ranger to a Druid. Specifically to a Bear Shaman and preferably with a domain.

The character I am working from worships Pharasma. He also has the Pharasman trait (+1 damage vs Undead).

None of the Domains granted by the Bear Shaman are on Pharasma's list, but I haven't found anything that would disallow me to take a domain. Nature Bond is a bond to nature and not a diety, so that seems to work.

I would like to take the Ferocity subdomain of Strength. I am not sure if I can do that. From APG p 86 "Subdomains can be selected by druids (except the metal subdomain) and inquisitors (if their deity allows it)." I presume the "if their deity allows it." clause applies only to inquisitors. The FAQ states differently (link... ) http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1fn#v5748eaic9nd9

So this leads to my pointed questions:

1. Do I still end up worshiping Pharasma after retraining? Can I/Do I need to pay for an atonement to change that? Can I worship both nature and Pharasma or is she a jealous goddess?
2. Can I take the Strength domain while still having Pharasma as my diety? (I suspect yes. If no, please explain.) Can I take the Ferocity subdomain? (I assume not without an attonement.)
3. Does my undead damaging trait... do anything any more? I assume this depends whether or not Pharasma is still my bff.

Thank you for clarifying the mud.


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Post Re: Ultimate Campaign, Retraining, and Deities
on: January 5, 2014, 14:37

So far I am 0 and 3 for rules interpretations, but that won't stop me.

Druids don't typically worship gods, but I would say you can if you want. Your faith is not as strong as it was but I don't believe you need an Atonement, unless you were a Cleric, Paladin or some such devoted follower. The retraining rules should spell out the conditions.

You do not get any mechanical benefit from worshipping a god as a Druid since you do not get your spells from the god and your holy symbol is unrelated. You worship Pharasma more out of habit than devotion, Nature is now your diety. Take Water or Ice if you want to worship both. Ferocity works really well with the Bear Shaman (philosophically, if not mechanically), but call yourself a Wolverine Shaman.

If you retrain and lose a prerequisite you lose the ability until you regain the prerequisite. If you are a follower of Pharasma you get to use the trait.

Going by the rules, if you write the name of a diety on you character sheet you are a follower of that diety, within alignment restrictions. By the rules, you can take any Druid domain allowed by the class or archetype. Disrepecting your diety by taking an unrelated domain has no mechanical effect, but you are playing the rules not the character.

Personally, I would lose Pharasma and retrain the trait.

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Post Re: Ultimate Campaign, Retraining, and Deities
on: January 7, 2014, 10:30

Thanks for the advice. You cannot retrain traits, sadly, so I'll just drop the trait if necessary.

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