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Ontario Pathfinder Society | OPS “Fair Play” Policy

OPS “Fair Play” Policy

The Ontario Pathfinder Society is a community organization that works to create an inclusive and dynamic gaming environment for all its members. To further this end, we have a zero tolerance policy in regards to sexual-harassment, sexism, racism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination or bigotry.

Occasionally a scenario may contain adult or mildly provocative themes, which are peripheral to the overall game and are in no way to be exploited by players or game masters to create an environment that causes discomfort among participants.

If at any point a community member feels uncomfortable with either the thematic elements of a game or the behavior of others at the table, it is encouraged that they express their concerns to the table GM, the store-coordinator, or a venture officer. Likewise, players should be mindful of how their words and actions affect others at the table, even if they personally do not think them to be offensive.

Player fun and safety are paramount to the Ontario Pathfinder Society. Following the above guidelines, and a little common courtesy will help ensure the continued safety, inclusivity, and overall success of the community.