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Ontario Pathfinder Society | FanExpo 2014
FanExpo 2014

FanExpo 2014

FanExpo is set for Labour Day weekend in Toronto, and we’ve got at least 45 tables scheduled for the event between Thursday, August 28 and Sunday, August 31.

While we often get a lot of walk-ins for PFS, we’re also offering a number of mid- and high-tier scenarios through the week from the last half of Season 5, as well as the three new Season 6 scenarios which kick off the Year of the Sky Key!

Legacy of the Stonelords CoverAdditionally, FanExpo Canada will be the Canadian debut of the Season 6 Convention Special – Legacy of the Stonelords.  On Saturday night, we’ve got 7 tables scheduled across all the tiers, and we hope to have room for everyone who wants to play.

Now, the convention doesn’t do “event tickets” like some of the other gaming conventions – with your weekend pass you can play as many tables as you like – but this also means that the event signup will be a paper sign-in list in the event hall.  However, we do know that sometimes PFS players travel specifically to play, and we don’t want people who make the trip to miss out.

For that reason, we’re offering a pre-registration.  Starting on August 10, you can stop by the website to sign up for the scenarios you want to play.   Event pre-registration will close on the 24th, several days before the convention.

Event pre-registration through the website is now closed.  Until noon on Wednesday, you can email me directly at jeff@ontariopathfinders.com to reserve a spot.  Please use the phrase “FanExpo Reservation” in the subject to make my life easier.  (Also make sure to let me know what time slot(s) and scenario(s) you want to sign up for – you can see the options at the links below.)

Links to Registration

Three Important Things

  1. Since Jeff will be manually transferring names from the website to the papers we’re using, please don’t sign up for more than just yourself.  If you have friends who also want to reserve a seat, please encourage them to register at the site and sign themselves up.
  2. Since we anticipate a large number of walk-ins, we’re only allowing limited signups for scenarios that are open to level 1 characters.  As a result, you’ll see that the vast number of tier 1 or 1-5 scenarios are listed as having less than 6 seats – this is not a mistake, just a pre-registration limit.
  3. There will be waiting lists at the convention for people who don’t get signed up.  This means if you’re scheduled to sit at a table but arrive more than ten minutes late, we’re reserving the right to give your seat away to someone on the waiting list.  We know that sometimes there are long waits at entry, so we’ll be flexible for the first slots of the day.  Just be aware of the risk when you register.

If you have any questions about the event, you can check out the Convention’s Website.  If you have questions about Pathfinder Society at the event, you can email Jeff directly.  Hope to see a lot of people out!