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Ontario Pathfinder Society | Companion Corner: Faiths & Philosophies
Companion Corner: Faiths & Philosophies

Companion Corner: Faiths & Philosophies

Happy Turkey Day everyone! (If you are an American, please wait until November 28 to read this)

Faiths & Philosophies If you have ever created a religious (or anti-religious) character, you may have felt a bit of confusion, because details about gods and belief systems are not easy to find. A character’s belief system should be fleshed out as much as possible, as it will influence the choices he or she makes, and more importantly, the reasons for those choices.

Luckily, Paizo has answered our prayers!

Today I’m looking at Faiths & Philosophies, a companion that is for anyone who wants more roleplaying hooks when it comes to a character’s religion. Looking for crunch to go with the fluff? There are also some fantastic feats, traits, archetypes, class features, and some cool magic items. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a meaty book. Let’s get to it!


What I really like about this book is the questions it answers. If you wanted a better idea of how Ezren thinks, now you can get some insights on Golarion atheism. Pantheism, druidism, and monasticism are all expanded upon; totem and spirit worship also have their own sections. Furthermore, some of these faiths are actually compatible with each other. A totemist who follows the Green Faith is definite possibility, and if you have a druid like that, you now have so much more information about your character! Anyone who plays a cleric should take a look at page 22 to get an idea of how religious schisms can form even in a world where people talk directly to their deities and receive instant answers. Separatist clerics now you have a lot more direction, and can feel justified knowing they’re at least half right. The evangelists out there might enjoy Wrongful Beliefs, which highlights just how crazy a religious zealot can get!


The one everybody is talking about is Animal Ally. That along with Nature Soul is now all it takes for a worshipper of nature to get a ranger-level animal companion. If you are a certain archetype of barbarian, fighter or monk that wanted a mount so you could use your class features, now you can get one! There is currently some argument as to whether Boon Companion (Animal Archive) works with this combination, so I would advise staying clear of it to avoid the dreaded table variation. Level –3 is still pretty good for two feats!

With too many feats to name them all, here are some highlights:

AtheistsGrab spell resistance against divine spells! Hmm, an atheist oracle…
DruidsOther than Animal Ally, how about an at will sanctuary effect against all animals?
MonasticsMeditate for ever-increasing combat bonuses!
PantheistsDivine dabbler? Some magic can be yours anyway!

Magic Items

Nothing here is a mandatory buy, but there are some neat items to be found. Any follower of the Prophecies of Kalistrade should consider the gloves of personal purity and kalistocrat’s coin (thematically, they are both quite cheap). A cavalier can use the shield of countless causes to recharge his abilities or even change his order completely, without having to worry about slogging through a level without any order abilities. A melee druid might take advantage of the plant growth spread by her warden’s cudgel to make use of woodland stride, and almost any monk can get use out of the hand wraps of blinding ki. Finally, the panthiestic clasp can give anyone a +2 sacred bonus against evil spells. Unfortunately, the propitious metumbe is probably too situational, as curses and hexes are comparatively rare in Pathfinder Society. Still, maybe you really don’t want to be cursed?


Of the few spells in this book, the big one to mention is source severance. This is a shorter-range anti-magic field castable by clerics, druids and witches. The cool part? You get to pick whether it applies to divine or arcane magic. I know a certain Runelord I would love to have a conversation with; beware though, the radius of only 5 feet means your enemy is only five feet away from magical freedom.

Class Options

Quite a few classes get goodies here. A bard can become an Arcane Healer, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Druids get several new domains dedicated to different totems (Crocodile being my personal favourite for the impressive Death Roll ability). Inquisitors get several new options for Inquisitions, whether you’re a redeemer, a reformer, or an ex-communicator. The coolest class option in this book is definitely the Juju mystery for the oracle class. This is a mystery with a great spell list, awesome and flavourful abilities, and a really cool set of ‘deities’.

A Shaman of the Mwangi Expanse

Kaba'i-finishedShowing off two major parts of this book is Kaba’i, a shaman from the Mwangi Expanse. Manipulating and communing with the ancient Wendo spirits may have left him in an ancient body, but he and his companion Mbanni still travel to put spirits to rest, and bad men to death. Click Kaba’i’s picture to for a link to his character sheet. Thanks to David for the awesome art yet again!

If this book could give me spells, I might take it as my patron deity.

By Adam

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  1. Adam

    Adam - October 18, 2013, 5:36 pm

    Art upgrade! Kaba’i was a little rough around the edges before, so thank you David for giving us an awesome picture of him to work with now! 😀

  2. Blaise

    Blaise - October 19, 2013, 8:03 pm

    Divine dabbler looks kinda cool actually!

    • Blaise

      Blaise - October 19, 2013, 8:13 pm

      Those Spell like abilities are mighty intriguing. Strange that it’s only open to believers and not atheists. What’s the logic there?

      • David R

        David R - October 19, 2013, 8:30 pm

        Cause they would be divine granted and atheists reject the authority of the gods on the material plane.

        As a side note, can you worship a pantheon in PFS? I guess you just have to have your main god as part of the pantheon to qualify?

        • Adam

          Adam - October 19, 2013, 8:52 pm

          Clerics cannot worship a pantheon, as they are dedicated to a single deity. Inquisitors and paladins (to a lesser extent), are probably also similarly restricted.

  3. David R

    David R - October 19, 2013, 8:10 pm

    All most all my characters draw their backgrounds from 1/3 religion, 1/3 nation/group, and 1/3 story archetypes. What I always have trouble with is thinking of a character that doesn’t believe in the gods when they live in the world where magic is all around them and faith literally brings blessings upon people.

    In terms of feats and magic items, the monastic line looks cool. Combat Meditation could be very handy out of combat when trying to reach those high skill DCs (take that relaxing breath before swiping the keys from the warden).

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